The Snowtoppers are based in Richfield Springs, NY and have 75 miles of State Corridor and Secondary trails for your enjoyment. We also have additional club trails which are not funded through the Parks Grant Program but, connect various Secondary and Corridor trails providing additional mileage for our visitors to explore. The majority of our trail system is on private property for which we receive permission to cross from the landowners. These landowners are the backbone of our trail system and the rest of New York’s trails.

In the summer of 2000 our groomer barn was built on property the club purchased from the Kozak family of Richfield Springs on Butternut Road (Trail S70). When the groomer barn was built our clubs groomer fleet contained 2 Arctic Cat Bearcats with Frenchie Drags and the 30 x 30 Building had room for more. Through the next few years our groomer fleet grew to a total of five sleds with drags then we added a PB240 with 8 foot drag and then an additional PB240 was added. While our falls are always full of trail maintenance it has taken the past 5 years of steady improvement to allow our larger groomers access to 95% of our trail system. When you visit the two PB240’s provide a trail base that you won’t soon forget.

Happy Trails.